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Thread: First Powerlifting Meet tomorrow.

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    First Powerlifting Meet tomorrow.

    Just thought I'd share I have my first powerlifting meet tomorrow. I've taken an entire week off from lifting and training to prep/recover. Been eating crazy amounts of food (1lb of meat minimum/day) getting at least one nap everyday. Surprisingly my body fat went down slightly, even eating rice and other carbs.

    I have no illusions of winning this thing, but I like competing and it seems like a fun way to have more applications from all this lifting. I wasn't able to convince a single man to come with me...but I've got two ladies coming to compete. One of them will probably win her weight class too.

    It's sad that when working with men I have to battle their ego's and insecurities, luckily no such issues with women. Just amazes me how some men can't put down Muscle & Fiction, lift heavy $h!t, and go out and do something with it. But I can get a 120 lbs female to squat over 200 lbs, the other one is 110 lbs and squatting almost as much....
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