Howdy folks,

This will serve as my forum intro and start of a journal documenting my venture into primal living. I've lurked around MDA for a while, but haven't fully incorporated the concepts into my life and it seems like now is an excellent time to get serious.

I'm a 25 year old female, 5'9" and somewhere around 175 lbs. I have some challenges to overcome in embracing a healthier lifestyle, including a lifelong tendency towards emotional/occasional binge eating and a ridiculous addiction to diet coke. I'm lucky enough to be in good health other than being slightly overweight. I'd like to drop about 25 lbs, improve my general athletic capabilities, and establish good eating habits for the future.

Building exercise into my daily routine definitely works better for me than trying to do a regimented workout before or after work, though I'm pretty active and will almost always go hiking or running on my days off. I may look into getting a gym membership in order to access free weights at some point, but for now I'm limited to cardio and body weight exercises. I biked to work today (it's about 8 miles round trip) and plan to continue doing so until the weather gets so hot that the short trip turns me into a sodden sweaty mess with no place to shower before I start seeing clients for the day. I live in Texas, which means that could be as early as February, but I'll worry about that when the time comes.

I'll probably take my "official" starting weight, measurements and photos Sunday morning as I'll be off work, but today was my first day of eating entirely primal. My fridge is stocked full of meat and veggies and my pantry is cleared of crap. I'm looking forward to seeing where this lifestyle takes me.