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Thread: Giving up crack might be easier

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    Giving up crack might be easier

    Hi all,

    Just looking for a bit of sympathy, LOL, as nobody else I know IRL is doing this plan, or has given up wheat- but me.

    It's day 3, and I am feeling it like crazy today. The first 2 days were a breeze. Today as soon as I woke up I had a headache which would do a special little throb for some extra pain and fun each time I had to cough. I have one last raw, red, worn little nerve left, and in the worlds of Christina Agulera, I'm feeling like a superbitch today. And I'm so frigging tired.

    Anybody who says wheat isn't a drug is crazy themselves. Before I used to laugh at the turn-of-phrase "being addicted" like it was a fun little way of saying you just really liked bread or cookies, cereal, etc. Oh nooooooo. There's a reason why you can unpack groceries and not maul a bag of carrots or cauliflower sitting on the counter, but when it comes to a fresh baguette or a loaf of sourdough sitting there, it's truly like you can't focus on anything else in the world until you eat some. That isn't normal behaviour. That is like talking about a drunk being obsessed with a bottle of vodka sitting there, unopened.

    I hope this gets better tomorrow as today was such a wasted day for being in a shitty mood and having no energy. Honestly, if I didn't have a 5 year old to look after right now, I'd get into bed and just wait until morning. It's brutal!
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