I have been dealing with what I thought were hormonal problems - acne, hairloss, fatigue, PMS and weird periods. When it did not stop I got my thyroid checked and I came back Hypo with an elevated TSH (other levels weren't measured yet). I had been off meds since starting Paleo with a low TSH, so I find that surprising. My liver levels were also too high. I tried different things, adding supplements, being much more strict (I cut out honey), but nothing helped. Upon researching I read about low carb paleo and high carb paleo when it comes to hair loss and a LOT of sites said going low carb too fast can actually cause thyroid like symptoms, including hair loss.

I was only eating 59g of carbs a day instead of my higher carb intake in summer, which was 70-110. I was not planning to get into ketosis, I am actually trying to gain weight, I just got tired of carbs like carrots and sweet potato.

Is it likely that this is my problem? And if so, how can I reverse the effects? I read that one needs to eat an insane amount of carbs to get out of it? I am back on my usual 70-110 carbs and a bit more sugar from honey and fruit, I feel less fatigued but my hair is still coming out in clumps. I am so embarrassed to leave the house! I am 30 and female by the way.