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Thread: Omg - i love meat!

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    When-ever anyone makes the environmental argument in the UK I just walk quietly away and bang my head against the wall.

    Then I remember all the lentils that grow wild in the UK climate and float magiacally into vegan kitchens and the 40 kg of bananas I have to dig out of my garden every year to keep them from running wild and taking over, and the soy beans that just fall out of the clouds as gentle warming rain, and I remember everything in vegan world is fluffy and cute and nothing ever dies and it's all ok again.
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    When you mentioned this, I immediately thought about the video Mark posted recently:

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    I was an ovo-lacto whole foods veg for 8 years. I usually managed to eat real food, with only an occasional bender into soy burger land. I was there for ethical reasons - wanted no part of CAFO and anything factory-killing. The pastured, local meat thing just wasn't really on my radar, and if it did come up, I found it hypocritical of myself to eat meat when I was absolutely not willing to look a cow in the face and then set a bolt-gun to its noggin. My past exhibits zero hunting and only one measly fishing excursion, just so you know.

    I also bought completely into the protein and saturated fat = early death thing. I have always loved veggies, really do love making homemade bread, find eating many various grains pleasurable, and adooooore beans, so Primal is quite an exercise for me sometimes.
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    Yes, I like beans and lentils a lot, too. So you know what, I sometimes eat them anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YogaBare View Post
    I am amazed that no one has jumped on this:

    wtf?! ALthough when I was veggie I was sure that I was getting enough protein from lentils.
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