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Thread: Should I worry about the wheat in soy sauce?

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    If you're eating asian food a couple of times a month, it's not enough to lose sleep over.
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    The other problem with fermented soy these days is that it's not fermented. I go out of my way to avoid soy sauce just as much as I do all the other forms of soy. I really never thought soy sauce tasted all that good to begin with though so, I'm really not inconvenienced much.

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    I didn't used to think so, but recently had sushi and used regular soy sauce--I had a stomach ache, digestive issues, and headache the rest of the day. I don't think it was anything else in the sushi though because my daughter also ate it without issues, and I intentionally avoided any with crab stick (imitation crab, made with wheat). The time before that I had sushi at a restaurant that had packets of wheat-free tamari, it didn't bother me at all. I am gluten intolerant (not Celiac that I know of, but wheat definitely makes me ill) and lately the little things that used to not bother me seem to be a bigger deal now. At home we used gluten-free tamari for a while, but switched to coconut aminos when that ran out. I like it--it's different but in a good way.

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