Hello everyone.

I've been here a couple of weeks, and before I get into any more arguments on the forum, I thought I had better start a journal so people can see a little more about who they are talking to.

First a little about myself. I am a 42 year old male, happily married and living in Edmonton, Alberta. I have five children and a granddaughter. I work in the oilfield services industry, and spend quite a bit of time away from home, often finding myself in remote locations where it is very difficult to control my diet. I know it may sound like an excuse, but believe me, its hard to find grass-fed beef when you are a five-hour boat ride from shore or a fifteen hour drive to the nearest major city!!

Anyway, as my career has progressed from a very physically demanding position and into a managerial one, I've slowly but steadily gained weight. This is a pattern I am now trying to reverse.

At 6'4" with a peak weight of 210lbs I'm not terribly heavy, but its the pattern of slow steady weight gain that I am trying to interrupt and reverse. Furthermore, I have been suffering from GI trouble, migraines, sinus problems, energy deficiencies, panic attacks, and low-grade depression, and wanted to see if some of these problems were diet related.

In October last year, I picked up a copy of Tim Ferriss' book, "The four-hour body." I followed his recommendations for a couple of months, and lost about five pounds - but didn't feel any better. I began to research the Primal/Paleo lifestyle next, and read Rob Wolfe's "The Paleo Solution" followed by Mark's Primal Blueprint. (I'm an avid reader.)

Over the Christmas season, my wife and I decided to give the Primal lifestyle a try, and as a New Year's resolution, we both gave up alcohol (we did tend to drink quite heavily), and went Primal. I've managed to stay at least 90% primal despite having spent some of this time in a hotel in a small town, and some time in a work camp (where they cook for us).

25 days later, and my results are more than I had hoped for.

So far, I am down 9lbs and I have lost 4.5 inches around my waist!!! (while gaining 0.5inches in chest, and 0.5inches upper arms.) My GI problems are gone completely as are the sinus problems. I haven't had any migraines (just a couple less severe head-aches). My depression has lifted, and my panic attacks have been much less frequent, less severe, and don't last as long. As an added bonus, my wife and I are spending more time together in the kitchen (fun), and enjoying our journey together immensely. Its good to have a shared goal

Here is an outline of what I am doing specifically:

No dairy except butter, no grains, no legumes, no bad oils, no processed foods, no rice, no potato, no fruit juices, no pop, no alcohol

LOTS of beef (still not grass-fed but working on it), lots of omega and free range eggs, lots of chicken, some pork, moderate amounts of fish, lots of shellfish, lots of coconut oil and coconut milk, lots of greens, peppers, onion, squashes, celery, carrot, fresh herbs. Diet is consistently 60% fat, protein ranges from 20%-35%, and carbs range from 5%-20%. Calories range from 2500-3100 per day.

Supplements: Vitamin D, cod liver oil, L-carnitine, Glocosamine

Exercise/activity: Convict conditioning when I am on the road (three times/week). Stronglifts 5x5 when at home (three times/week). So far I've been a little bit all over the place with these, but have now fallen into a routine. Also more walking, and an effort to focus more on some of the physical aspects of my job. I have not done any sprints yet, but plan on adding them to the mix as well.

I guess that's it for today, see ya soon!