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    More updates!

    We have really enjoyed the fruit "sorbet" that can be made in the 8004. A nice and easy desert that everyone enjoys... I know too much fruit. LOL

    We have been having a heck of a time getting the kids on board... Unless you put too much (IMO) fruit in the juicy they find it bitter. Also one child has a hang up on drinking something green! Ugg! "just drink it and shut up about it" is a hard sell

    The wife and I are enjoying it very much! Although she likes some fruit in the juice. I think a pinch of cilantro really adds some zing to the greener juices. watch out for too much ginger, it only needs a little for flavor.

    Clean up is a snap, much easier than expected. But you need to clean it immediately after use, otherwise I could see the fiber drying out and being a pain to remove.

    FWIW We have used recipes as guides, but end up making whatever we have on hand... Some of the juices require some ingredients that we don't normally have.

    ... The wife want to juice fast... I told her the Cliff Notes of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead... 60 days of Mean Green only she balked at. Which I would too. Also I do not think a strictly juice fast is a good thing.

    More to come!
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    I use a Breville blender. I got it for my birthday and it's pretty heavy duty, I think around the $200 mark. Keeps all the pulp and will blend anything including root vegetables and ice. Only 3 parts to clean as well, I'd never buy a juicer.

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