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    The problem with multivitamins(and supplements in general) is the poor absorption rate and the added fillers like cellulose, silica, etc. They're usually GMO, and they don't mind cutting corners at the expensive of your health. I do take some supplements sometimes, but it's usually only from really trusted brands, ie; those who will answer emails with precise info, not "we're unsure, or we can't tell you due to its proprietary formula"

    Also, many multivitamins contain vitamin A as betacarotene, which is just toxic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpamix View Post
    Also, many multivitamins contain vitamin A as betacarotene, which is just toxic.
    Care to elaborate? Have not heard of this before...

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    I have a bottle of Rainbow Lite for men and it does not have any iron in it. Which is perfect because if you are eating a lot of meat or even using cast iron cookware you will get a good dose of iron. My ferritin levels actually got a little high and I ended up donating blood a few times this past year to get it down. I agree with the other posters that you should try to get most of your vitamins from fresh whole foods. The only thing I would normally recommend supplementing is a fermented cod liver oil and vitamin D if you do not get sufficient sun during the winter months. Good luck and welcome to the community!
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