I just joined the community but have been primal for 3 weeks now. It's all going pretty well. I happened apon Mark's Daily Apple after being tipped off that my problem might be lectins. I am celiac and have been GF for 2.5 years. Even after all that time I still was not absorbing my food/nutrients.

So I tried PB and bam! It worked. Even my joint pain that I was in physical therapy for got better. I've lost tons of weight (maybe a bit too fast) about 10 pounds in 3 weeks-it seems like more. I was slightly spooked by this so I took the advice of this community and joined fitday. I began to track my food.

Now I see I need a multivitamin badly. Not a big problem normally but I have lots of food allergies and of course, the lectins thing. So I have been trying to find a vitamin that I can take and it's not going very well. I get super tired too, serious low levels of iron (I have some suppliments already for iron but it's much higher than the recommended 18mgs). I'd like to take it in my multi if I can. So my list of foods I can't have is below.

I would love it if anyone could point me in the right direction!

Thank you ahead of time!!!

Gluten/all grains/high lectin foods
nuts-all kinds