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Thread: Fat-shaming may curb obesity, bioethicist says

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    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    I think education is key. People need to realize that the food pyramid is a load of BS, and that most foods on the supermarket shelves are essentially a slow poison. I'm fat. I used to be fatter. I didn't want to be fat. I didn't need someone to "shame" me. I was ashamed every time I looked in the mirror. I was doing everything I was "supposed" to do. Eating whole grains, drinking 'healthy' drinks like orange juice, avoiding fat, working out every day, etc. I finally found my answer when I got diagnosed hypothyroid, and when I discovered a real healthy style of eating. For me, my introduction was the anti-inflammatory diet but it's very similar to Primal- both cut out grains, processed foods, sugar, etc. I've lost 49 lbs now with about that much to go. Shaming me wouldn't have made a difference- a good doctor and real dietary advice did.
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