Hey all, new hear to this blog but I need some serious advice. Recently Made a few posts on PaleoHacks but didn't get as much help as I was hoping. If anyone is willing to read through this all and help, i don't know, I'll do anything to repay for the advice I'll receive...I've asked a couple questions about a set (rather large set) of symptoms I've been having for a relatively long time now (almost a full year). I've recently done some experimenting and found a few things that seem to help, some that seem to aggravate, and some things I'm considering doing. This is where I'll need every ones help. I'll start with the back story and then get into the specific symptoms, and my theory as to why I developed them.

Background: When I was born I was anemic and was rushed off by the doctors; I'm not certain what they did, I think I had to be put under a light to heat up or something because I was also very cold. I had an iron deficiency and at a young age I remember going to my pediatrician who remained my doctor up until I was about 15 or 16, to get weekly iron shots as a young child. All through my life until fairly recently (when I went organic, eating little to no processed junk, supplemented) I would get sick frequently, and not only that, but it would take me MUCH longer to fight off bugs that other people would fight off in a day or two, and it would be more intense. There were 3 things I got very frequently: Sore throat; intense headaches + nausea; chronic intense stomach aches + stomach flu's. I remember taking so much damn Pepto Bismol it's almost scary. I also have received 2 concussions within 6 months of each other, and a back injury that has resulted as a disc bulge in my upper back (forget which cervical area), possibly other head injuries as there were many times in football I took a blow to the head and suffered severe headaches but continued to play on. I've also had eye floaters for years and "visual snow" almost all my life. When I was 16 I saw a family psychologist for 'depression/stress' although I was never diagnosed with depression... I believe he just thought I was under intense stress from a lot of family problems and constant moving/financial burdens. There is anxiety/migraines in the family, digestive disorders, and only one known case of Dementia, otherwise everyone lives until their 70-80's and normally is afflicted by alcohol/tobacco/stress from gambling and money + extremely processed SAD diet. I also cracked my head open as a youngin'. I'am now 18yrs old.

My Symptoms: Eye Floaters, they have increased in the past year; "Visual Snow" - been there most of my life, more noticeable when in the dark or very well lit areas, my school has fluorescent lighting in every single room, it's extremely present in my school or outside when looking at the sky; "Migraine w/ Aura" - I put this in quotes because I'm not confident that's what I have, although I share symptoms of migraineurs, I was diagnosed with these from a doctor I was seeing for my back, so neurology isn't his specialty; Back pain + stiffness, neck pan + stiffness - I can be wrong, but when looking in the mirror this seems to slightly affect my posture and stance, it seems as if my hips are very slightly imbalanced and my head very slightly perched forward, as well as my shoulders - there is an area in my back/spine where the vertebrae seems further spaced apart than all the others, and that's typically where I have the pain/stiffness; My "migraine" symptoms: I have very severe 'afterburns/images', if I see I bright light/flash, it stays in my vision for a very long time; sometimes when I have a "migraine" if I'm looking at my t.v./laptop screen for a prolonged period, and look away, at a wall perhaps, I see a bright multicolored outline of the screen for some odd seconds; sometimes when I concentrate on something, it seems as if my eyes move out of position for a second, causing a juggle/vibration in my vision; things occasionally have a shimmer to them - or a perceived slight movement, typically if I stare at an object for some amount of time, or also in my peripheral vision; at night when driving, and only when IN the car, there is an 'aura' around street signs, the only thing I can relate it to is the 'blur' around a light, a street light, it's like that, there is a 'blur' around the edges of the street sign that fade as I get close; anxiety - my mind races and I seem to be able to put up with stress for a prolonged time - but then eventually burst... coming to the point of what I perceive as being at the brink of a panic attack, but never getting there (although I have never fully had one, I don't think); I also see an odd aura at various times, but almost every day - people who have visual migraines often have various odd things happen to their vision, sometimes so much that they are mislabled as schizophrenic - I sometimes have blobs of color: red/pink/blue in my peripheral vision, or lower vision - although this is more of an annoyance

My theory: 1) This is caused by a combination of my trauma to the head + back/neck problems + possible muscle imbalances/jaw imbalances; 2) never was one for smoking, but i have smoked a cigarette before, and never did again up until this concert. took one puff and was completely intoxicated, it was laced. My friend picked it up off the ground and even acknowledged it and he is a long time smoker and has used plenty of substances, up until this time too I had done extreme amounts of research on psychedelics and experimented, I knew this was laced - my symptoms started shortly after this (feb 22. 2012). I firmly believe this was PCP or embalming fluid - both of which are Anticholingeric: a substance that blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the central and the peripheral nervous system. symptoms of Acute Anticholinergic Syndrome: there are too many to count but I have some such as: Pupil dilation (mydriasis), consequent sensitivity to bright light (photophobia); Increased heart rate (tachycardia),Tendency to be easily startled;Disorientation; Wandering thoughts; inability to sustain a train of thought; Periodic flashes of light; Periodic changes in visual field;*Warping or waving of surfaces and edges*;Orthostatic hypotension (sudden dropping of systolic blood pressure when standing up suddenly) I believe these are acutely perceived after taking in a deliriant(PCP is one of many); fortunately it says this is reversible. I do know when eating lot's of coconut/mct, consuming lot's of high quality coffee (bulletproof or shade-grown/organic/single-sourced) and eating lots of cholesterol (eggs; which also have lot's of choline) most of the symptoms are less noticeable, or completely subside for days.

My thoughts on "curing" myself: (1) 100% paleo/primal now that I have a job (or bulletproof diet, or perfect health diet) (2) get extensive testing done for vitamin D and optimize my levels - get up to like 70 (3) demand to see a neurologist and have testing done (4) use neurofeedback and/or biofeedback (5) use earthing mats as per Clint Ober/Earthing Institute (6) take a plethora of scientifically validated supplements - vitamin d3, mct oil, tons of coconut as food/cooking oil, liposomal glutathione, etc. (7) GAPS Diet (8) keto diet... I have been experimenting with keto the past couple weeks (have done so in past as well) and had almost complete elimination of 'migraines' (besides some symptoms) - the only thing is I need to gain weight, so the only way I can do that on keto is by doing a cyclical keto diet or anabolic style diet, but it's hard with family/fiance/relatives, as well as jiu-jitsu... I have put together 600+ pages of research on ketogenic diets from medical journals sourced from pubmed, The Eating Academy Blog, Perfect Health Diet Blog, and numerous symposiums by Gary Taubes. Everything is cited and highlighted, boldened, reread multiple times, etc. Ive honestly developed a habit of meticulously researching, especially ketogenesis and cold-thermogenesis. I have seen numerous accounts of schizophrenia (and other neurological disorders) being reversed by refraining from gluten, or going ketogenic. I'm quite confident in a keto diet with some safe starch included as per Paul Jaminet, PhD; But again, I need to gain weight. I'm 18, 5'8 at 137-138lbs; I also seem to be growing taller still. Now, I'm not absurdly skinny, I have a solid base of muscle from many years of football+wrestling and some rugby, and consistent resistance training for the past 6 or more months. But ideally I want to be around 170lbs.

Please, if anyone has ANY possible anecdotes/evidence/suggestions, anything, any insight, I will be greatly appreciative. Thank you so much.