A lot of you have probably noticed that the economy sucks and unemployment is kind of high. Does anyone else feel self-indulgent and spoiled by buying grass-fed meat, organic vegetables, etc.? I not only just ordered $100 worth of groceries for one person for one week, but they're being hand-delivered to my home because if I don't pay for that, I don't buy the good stuff. (Too much hassle - no good retailers in my 'hood, I have no car, and I live on the 4th floor of a walkup.)

My cousin and two of my oldest friends are under- or unemployed right now. Said cousin lost her house. The unemployed friend has a sick daughter. My not buying nutritious food isn't going to get them jobs, get my cousin's house back, or heal my friend's daughter. But damn, I feel guilty.

I'm hardly rich - you probably caught the part about not having a car. Living where I live is expensive as hell and moving elsewhere isn't a feasible option for me right now. And spending as much as I do on food means I rarely travel. There's stuff I would like to do but can't afford unless I cut back in other areas, but real food is a bigger priority.

Or maybe I just have a guilty personality type. I also feed bad about being able to afford a gym membership and having enough free time to utilize it. I also feel guilty about having good health insurance when so many don't.

I know, the stress isn't good for me. Also, tl;dr. Sorry.