Hi everyone, thought I would introduce myself

My partner and I are looking into the Primal way of living. We work really hard at the gym and I have always (for as long as I can remember anyway) longed for a leaner tummy and torso area. We've been making the classic mistakes of doing lots of long-drawn-out cardio and some weights. So now that is going to change.

We're doing it gradually, and I know people have said to just go the whole hog straight away but I feel gradual is best for me. I've had eating disorders in the past and cutting out stuff too soon feels a bit triggering for me and I get anxious. So small steps is gonna work fine for me

How have other people been getting on with 'going Primal'? Enjoying it? Reaping the benefits?

One question I want to ask is - we have LOADS of cereals here at home. I don't want to carry on eating them but I don't want to throw them as that would be wasteful. Anyone know if places take donations of food (although most of the boxes have been opened)?

Looking forward to sharing stories and encouragement with you all