Since the start of this year I have been enjoying IF everyday [grouped with lower carbs], with a 4 hour eating window and the rest fasted. After finally taking the plunge and skipping breakfast in the morning I am loving it, my mental clarity is great and I can enjoy a big meal or two in the evening without worrying about lunch and breakfast in the morning.

Although a BIG downer is; when I get in from work, I really cannot be bothered to workout. I know that sounds terrible and lazy, and sounds like something a person who was new to working out would say; but I have been a regular exerciser since 2005, whatever capacity I have done workouts without fail.

But being fasted and getting in of the evening, I feel like crap. I can barely manage a 15 minute sledgehammer workout, god help trying to squat 120kg like I used to on high-carb.

I want to try fasted workouts in the morning, but I fast until 5pm in the evening, so i'll be missing the ALL IMPORTANT!!! post workout meal. I'm not a huge believer in post workout, but I want to know what it would be like to delay it until 5pm in the evening.

Has anyone else experienced a similar feeling? Would a quick 30m snack before working out do it? I just feel like i'm losing eitherway (morning/evening). I want to kick ass again but i'm troubled for time, or energy, it's pathetic.