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Thread: Recent primal convert - feel terrible when training

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    Recent primal convert - feel terrible when training

    Hi guys, I guess this has been asked numerous times before - apologies if so!

    I've been eating a no grain / pulse diet for a couple of months, but in the last few weeks took up the 21 day challenge and have been really regulating carb intake to <100g/day. I'm a competitive trail runner, training for a tough season ahead including an off road and hilly marathon.

    For the last week I've felt really tired when running - my legs burn, my shoulders feel tight and I feel generally low. I push on and continue to my planned distance; but it's slow and not pretty.

    Is this a phase of my body adjusting to burning fats rather than sugars, or am I doing something wrong with that amount of carb intake?

    For instance, historically if I've felt tired and needed a pick-me-up when running I'll eat a jelly sweet (massive sugar hit); is it okay to do that, or really stupid to on a paleo diet?

    Sorry for newbie questions

    Cheers, Dunc

    Ps. When I'm not training I feel 100% okay and not low on energy in the slightest. Sleep pattern and general health are all great.
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