I have a question for you guys. I am a 28yo male and have lost 30 pounds(250 presently) so far since going primal. After shedding some weight my resting heart rate has slowed down to the low 50s, sometimes even high 40s. I am no where near a conditioned athlete. I had a stress-echo about a year back and it all checked out fine. I had a physical a few weeks ago, and the Dr did a EKG that checked out fine. My cholesterol numbers checked out at 131ldl, 33 hdl(i need to raise this), 81trig. My bp has also dropped since going primal....from 140/90 average to an average of around 115/78.

The only other things that I have a problem with is my reflux has not improved yet, and still cannot get off medicine. Also, I have sleep apnea which i wear a CPAP for. Upon nearing my goal I will have this apnea checked out again for improvements.

Do I have any reason to be concerned?