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Thread: Study of 40,000 women finds low carb, high protein diet harmful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post

    TBH I'm getting to the point where I just ignore the latest bash at 'Caveman eating' you can get reseach to show what ever the hell the pay master wants it to say (Warning Conspiricy mad hippy speaking)
    True that. Its not widely known, but sometimes when 'scientists' conduct 'experiments' or 'studies' they do say, 20 tests or whatever, and the results of 19 were random or inconclusive, but 1 result had a sort of biased result, so they publish that one, and the other 19 sets of test results get thrown in a drawer somewhere.
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    Not even for a second I would believe that 43,396 people consistently ate a diet of low carb and high protein for an average of 15 years.
    Low-carb, high protein doesn't really specify anything. As mentioned, they could have been eating whatever.
    And this is why I never pay attention to "studies".

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    These studies always make me pause but

    If there was no control for where the carbs came from and no thought to fat intake then I am not that concerned. eating lower healthy, non-grain, carbs, moderate protein and higher fat is the way to go. If they were eating low carb but it was wheat and soy and high protein and low fat, then that is not what most of us do.

    I am always second guessing myself but Paleo seems to work for me.
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    I believe that's the study Denis Minger wrote about here. Nutritional epidemiology is absolutely the weakest form of evidence to base recommendations for diet because the data is so unreliable. I don't even remember what I ate five days ago, so it would be impossible to give an accurate representation of my usual eating patterns over the course of a year or more. Even if I felt like filling out the survey honestly.

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    Normally they lump in processed meat in the category "protein" and "meat" and processed meat is bad for you. Also, 196 g of carbs a day is not a low carbohydrate diet.
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    That is not a low carb high protein diet. It's a high carb, low fat, lowish protein diet. And it's epidemiological and thus fails to take confounding variables into account. It's correlation is questionable let alone causation. It's not worth the paper it was printed on.

    Quote Originally Posted by zilog View Post
    The Atkins diet was complete re-written a few years ago and is now totally different to the original, demented (IMO) version. Basically it's now low carb, moderate protein for the initial phase and then low-moderate carb (depending on activity) and moderate protein for maintenance. Which is not so different to a lot of the advice given on this site.
    No it wasn't. Please stop spreading myths and rumors. The biggest "rewrite" of the Atkins diet was done by Dr. Atkins himself when he started excluding fiber from the carb count, started using net carbs, and allowing more veggies from the start. The "new" Atkins is barely different from the 1990's version. The major differences are reaching out to vegetarians and specifying exact amounts of veggies when Dr. Atkins just said get "most" of your carbs from veggies. At it's heart Atkins is the same as it was when Dr. Atkins was alive, low carb, high fat, moderate protein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Normally they lump in processed meat in the category "protein" and "meat" and processed meat is bad for you. Also, 196 g of carbs a day is not a low carbohydrate diet.
    Seriously?? They are saying 196 g of carbs is low carb? LMAO. I didn't read the study. What a bunch of bull!

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    Quote Originally Posted by healthy11 View Post
    Too much protein can be bad for your health and when people go on these diets they really go crazy with the protein. Plus, as mentioned, are still eating other toxins like seed oils or low-carb processed foods. So, I agree this study means nothing.
    The biggest toxin is probably the fact that they are consuming corporate factory farmed animals fed on grains and injected with all sorts of hormones.

    Those hormones can have a major effect on the body and in increasing risk for CV disease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxide View Post
    Calories are wrong. They add up to about ~1550.
    They use SI-units in the journal. It's 6534 kilojoules. Not kilocalories.

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