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Thread: Primal Alex 2013 Journey

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    Primal Alex 2013 Journey

    Why keeping a journal? Simple:

    1. I want to keep track of progressions in a scientific way and I am starting today
    2. Also, no cheating days anymore until the experiment is over (adieu cognac...)
    3. This way, I need to report to this journal regularly, so I will feel more motivated


    1. eat 2000 calories per day (I never counted them in my life, I'll start today), divided into 140 grams of fats, 120 grams of proteins, 40 grams of carbs evenly distributed during the day so not to have peaks
    2. workout 3-4 days per week, one hour maximum (lifting heaving things, occasionally swimming or sprinting)
    3. walk alot
    4. keep track on a daily base of weight and BMI parameters to ensure I am not losing muscles

    Let's start!!! (See, I already feel motivated )
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