I don't have a ton of weight to lose, maybe 5 lbs or so of fat. I'm trying to lose another inch or so from my waist/hips.

I know that the less you have to lose, sometimes the harder it is. I try to be pretty primal, but I do use heavy cream and butter, and have never had any problems with dairy. I'm not actively trying to stay away from yogurt or cheese, but I just am not really craving it.

I've noticed some people are very strict regarding turning non-primal meals into primal ones, and say that if you really want to lose fat, it is pretty impossible to substitute foods. I was using SoG's dessert recipes, but have stopped in case that inhibits the loss of the fat I want to get rid of.

I have a hard time just eating steamed/grilled/baked/sauteed foods all the time without making them "into" something. For example, last night I ate chicken in a tarragon mushroom cream sauce with a little green beans. It doesn't have anything but mushrooms, chicken, heavy cream, butter, seasonings, and a little all-natural chicken broth that I make myself. So it's not strictly primal or made in a primal manner (if that makes sense), but it doesn't have real bad things in it. I also only use organic meat and dairy.

So far I am making decent progress, but do you think actual dishes instead of strict, just plain meat/eggs/fish/veggies makes a big difference?

I get kind of bored and like to make french, italian, and indian sauces without flours/sugars obv...

What are your thoughts? Do primal recipes (that include cream/butter/ghee) makes you lose slower than just plain things?