Hi all, kind of a lurker here, but wanted to ask a few quick questions.

I can't cook my lunch where I work, so for a long time I struggled to find a good portable, primal lunch. I finally settled on cured Italian meats. I figured they're all protein and fat with some preservatives added in, so I figured they were pretty primal, expecially since I avoid the ones that have added corn syrup or unpronounceable scientific names. Am I right or are they secretly terrible?

I've been trying to force myself to eat more vegetables lately, since I've long hated most of them. But I find that I can actually get most of them down with a little ranch dressing. Now, it contains soybean oil, so I think it's hardly primal, but I use so little of it. Probably about 2 tablespoons. Is that really bad or worth it to get the vitamins from the veggies? And if it is bad, is there a primal version I could make?

Finally, what's up with beer? Since it's grain based I'd given it up for the past couple months, but bought some for a Christmas party I held. I had one and found that I kind of missed it. Is it ok to bring it back into my diet or should I keep it an infrequent treat.

Anyway, thanks for the help everyone