I'm a new member to this forum but I've been following PB now for quite a few months. I'm eighteen years old, in college (where Primal eating is SO difficult) and am very excited to know that this lifestyle has so much information to back it up with. I still eat grains once a week as more of an "indulgence", but am slowly taking it out of my regular lifestyle. I'm not looking to lose weight, only to tone up and be healthier.

But my real question for everyone is about supplements. My mother has always made me take my vitamins and sent me off to college with an Equate Complete Multivitamin bottle. I just remember this month that I had it, so I've only just begun to start taking one every day. In addition, I am never sure I get enough calcium and never drank milk when I was younger, so I started taking Spring Valley Calcium supplements every day (only one 600 mg rather than the recommended two).

Should I be taking these supplements? I consider myself a healthy individual and just want to continue that healthy lifestyle. My family has a history of depression, high cholesterol, and kidney disease so I would like to do everything I can to avoid those issues.

Any suggestions? Any supplements I SHOULD be taking but am not? I know I haven't given all of you my complete diet so it's hard to figure everything out, but it IS mostly primal -- chicken, beef, vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc. The only thing I don't eat is fish because that's hard to come by on a college meal plan.

A long question, I know, but if any of you could give me some tips, that would be wonderful!