I want a new log. I'm done with the whole dieting and weight loss thing and my focus is on the fitness part of the Primal Blueprint. I want to get fit, be strong and have muscles. I want to stop getting cripplingly sore anytime I bend over to clean the tub. I want to be able to one-handed pour stuff out of my heavy stainless steel pots and pans.

I'm attempting to follow the PB recommendations as much as possible. I'm sprinting once a week. Been doing that for over a month. I'm lifting heavy. I've been doing that since October. I was doing some HIT after lifting but have had to quit because I got exhausted. I will do it when the gym is closed for long holidays. And for slow movement I take walks at lunch and go hiking once a week at the minimum.

Here's my where I'm at on strength:

Exercise October Now
Squat 25lbs 105lbs
Overhead Press 20lbs 51lbs
Bench Press 30lbs 67.5lbs
Deadlift 45lbs 140lbs

Yesterday I squatted and benched the above weights and did 70lb RDLs, 90lb lat pulls and 45lb dumbbell rows. I sprinted at lunch (8x ran the straights on the track and walked the curves.) I'm very sore today from the bench press and the sprinting. I ate half a quart of goat yogurt, a pound of fish, potatoes, rice and chocolate for my recovery.