I've been consistently eating primal since Dec 31 2012 but I haven't been tracking my calories or macro-nutrients that well. On random notebook pages I've been scribbling what I've had to eat which I later have looked back on, but I feel like it's time to keep better records.

So here's my journal. I'll do my best to remember/record my diet and activity level.

Overall health is my goal. I need to lose weight, gain muscle, and balance my hormones.
I want to have children one day and I'm afraid I won't be able to, or in the least that I'll have tons of complications. And if I'm lucky enough to have children, I want the energy needed to keep up with them.
I've also had some problems with depression and anxiety. I think a lot of those issues are b/c of my diet and out of whack hormones. Which is kind of great actually, b/c I've had tons of doctors tell me "You'll probably be like this forever, who knows why". But I think I know why. And I think I know how to fix it.

I've already lost some weight after I started primal, but I'm going to start my journal with where I'm today:
Height 5'10'', Current weight 220lb. And my weight is mainly around my middle.