I need to drop 10lbs ASAP. It's an emergency. Basically, I moved to a new country and have been eating too much (all be it mostly primal). I didn't realize it was happening and then here we are. Really, I haven't been going crazy with anything, but wow, the lb's are packed on. I've been lifting and running, as normal.

Don't criticize me for being vain. Just respond if you have decent advice.

Every time I cut out all carbs, I totally crave them and go overboard. And I really struggle maintaining a fruit/starch free life- and then when I do add them back in, I regain. I'm not sure if the fruit/starch pack it on for me- but when I don't eat them, I find myself NEEDING for spoonfuls of butter.

I do have some low blood sugar issues if I don't get enough protien/fat, but I'm not diabetic or insulin resistant (according to blood test)

I am decent at maintaing weight, but TERRIBLE at loosing it.

Should I try this potato diet some of you speak of?

I'd appreciate some good sound advice.