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Thread: Quick, On the Go meal/snack ideas...

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    Quick, On the Go meal/snack ideas...

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    I am a mama of 3 and some times I need to be able to grab something on my way out that I (and my kidlets) can eat in the car.

    I am also needing to lose weight (lost the first 15 lbs in my first month!!! Woot!...about 75lbs to go) so I need to limit the more calorie dense options (cheese, nuts).

    The only thing I can come up with for the kids - a baggie with nuts and craisins

    We all like beef jerky but I have not yet made an acceptable homemade batch and the commercial batches are filled with sodium I'm sure.

    Also, what is the best preworkout meal? I always start the day with a 3 mile walk, sometimes with sprints. I am very sensitive to getting side aches if I eat too heavily (even a full 8oz protein shake made with almond milk 30 minutes before will give me one)...but I find myself wanting to fall asleep toward the end of my walk and also ravenous when I get home (of course the ravenous part could be me just knowing I have 4 pcs bacon, 2 over easy eggs and a 1/2 avocado waiting for me lol). SHould I opt for a 4 oz shake instead? I'd like to get away from the protein powder all together once my giant tub is gone.

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    Great car snacks:

    hardboiled eggs
    cold meat. Chicken or steak is awesome but any meat is yummy cold really!
    Cut up cold veggies with dip. (My boys love homemade ranch.) I bought little tuperwares that fit in the cupholders so the mess is minimal.

    I like to work out on an empty stomach and then eat 20 min or so after my workout if I'm hungry.

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    Awesome snack. Really flavorful and a handful of these help satisfy snack hunger

    also pumpkin seeds with cinnamon is pretty good at curbing hunger

    GORP without peanuts and few fruit bits is also good

    snacking on carbs though rarely satisfies me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bukawww View Post
    ...I am also needing to lose weight (lost the first 15 lbs in my first month!!! Woot!...about 75lbs to go) so I need to limit the more calorie dense options (cheese, nuts).
    Ummm why do you feel the need to limit calories? As long as you keep your carbs down, you should be good to go.

    For a good non-messy go-snack, I really love Mini Baby Bel cheeses. They're the little round ones in the red wrapper... they're individually wax sealed, and they can last for hours (or even a day or two) outside the fridge.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the ideas! I just realized these will come in handy over the next 4 days as well...I'm going on a trip where I am afraid we might be eating out a bunch (yuck...and I'm nervous about it).

    I'm not super restricting my calories but I am still 'new' and haven't quite figured out the difference between hunger and mindless eating. Nuts get me in trouble (although I do eat a few every day). I also use a BodyBugg I try to keep my calories in between 1500-2000 (cycling throughout the week) and then my calories burned at around 3000/day (without even really its not like I'm being excessive, I promise).

    Some day, I will have to try out the IF thing but I HATE being hungry so I'm pretty scared to try it right now.

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    When on the go I tend to feed my two year old son fruits...bananas, oranges and apples already come in their own "wrapper" so they're pretty portable - he also likes dipping them in almond butter. He loves raw veggies dipped in salad dressing (ie. cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli), almonds (he's obsessed with them), cheese, green beans (he'll eat them cold). When we pack a lunch I typically just chop leftover meats and put them in a cooler. Neither of us eat hard boiled eggs (don't care for the texture) but that might be another option for you. Oh...and he loves olives so I'll often throw some olives, almonds and cheese in a container and he eats that for a snack.

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    Jerky, HB Eggs, veggies... these are my go to snacks since if I snack on almonds, it increases my hunger.
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    It might be fun to get a bag of sunflower seeds and give each kid a cup. Teach them how to crack and spit seeds. LOL.

    My favorites on the go snacks.

    Hard boiled eggs
    Baggies of fruits and veggies. You could also bring along a little dip container.
    Mozarella sticks
    Flavored nuts
    Pickles and Olives
    Lettuce wraps...will filling, such as mashed avocado or tuna. Egg salad is yummy too in these. Just use a lettuce leaf and wrap it up. Avoid iceberg lettuce though.
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