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Thread: Bone broth from conventional chicken - still beneficial or not?

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    Bone broth from conventional chicken - still beneficial or not?

    Hi everyone, I've just made my first chicken bone broth today (I followed Mark's recipe) and I can't wait to incorporate this tasty and healthy habit into my daily diet. Just one point of concern as I live in Asia (Thailand) in a small island with only access to conventionnally-farmed chicken (CAFO): will the benefits of drinking collagen and mineral-rich bone broth outweigh the drawbacks/risks of ingesting the toxins stored in my conventionnally-raised chicken, or should I just pass and get my collagen from other sources (such as gelatin supplement)? In other words, am I doing more harm than good to my body? Thanks a lot for your feedback! Sarah

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    I'd go for making / drinking the stock anyway - lovely jellied stock! Can you make stock from some fish bones - here in the UK I use bones from Skate to make a stock...

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    i just posted a similar question about farm raised fish heads.

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