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Thread: Is Robb Wolfe advocating lower fat than PB?

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    Is Robb Wolfe advocating lower fat than PB?

    I am reading his book and I get the idea that he advocates eating less fat than PB. Is this true or am I just missing something?
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    The Paleo Solution?

    I've read it. Can't recall if he even makes macro recs in it...I actually don't think he does. It's the standard "no grains, no dairy, no legumes" mantra. Good base. He was heavily influenced by Cordain back then so it could come off as a little lighter on the fat, but like I said I don't thing he actually puts an amount to any of it.
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    He's trying to appear as 'conventional' as possible until the reader buys into his arguements.
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    Paleo tends to be lower in fat because most wild animals are lower in fat than domesticated animals and paleo tends to adhere more closely to some kind of hunter-gatherer ideal. But I think that many people misunderstand Primal Blueprint to be some kind of fat free-for-all when it is not. There is a section in there about portion control and calories.
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    Cordain was Wolfe's introduction to Paleo and we all know that Cordain says that lean meats are better, hunters ate lean game meats, ect. Cordain also seems to be a bigger advocate for veggie consumption and making them an overall larger part of the diet. Cordain seemed to have some sort of reservations about the health of saturated fats at first (he wasn't totally comfortable with ditching lipid hypothesis) even though he has been coming around to being more forgiving of saturated fats lately.

    Now, knowing all this, and knowing that Cordain was probably the biggest influence on Wolfe's thinking when writing that book, we can assume that he probably was going to be a bit lower in his fat recommendations than Mark has been. I think the Paleo community is starting to realize though, that if you're eating the whole animal (as hunter/gather tribes would have been doing), it's rediculous to assume they were not getting significant fat in their diets. Slowly, they seem to be coming around to a "higher fat" mode of thinking (funny that this is sort of happening at the same time as the "safe starch" advocates are making their points heard) within the ancestral health community.

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