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Thread: Already went gluten free and I'm very skinny and tall, is this diet okay?

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    you are a lucky man - you get to experience the primal diet using a calorie SURPLUS - eat until you explode buddy.
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    I agree you should eat a lot more. The book is going to be more about weight loss since that's most people's focus for buying a diet book. But you can just eat more but eat the same foods and you should regain your health. There's lots of good info in the Start Here section of the web site for why the foods on the list are as healthy as they are and why other things are not so healthy.

    You are probably thinking that turkey bacon is healthier because it's lower in fat. Bacon fat is not unhealthy. It's pretty much the same fat your own body stores for energy. Why would your body store energy in a form that would be unhealthy? It's also mostly of the same type of fat as olive oil, which everybody says is healthy. It's been unfairly demonized.

    If you can find bacon that has been raised in humane, outdoor conditions (pastured bacon) that is going to be better than conventional bacon which is raised in inhumane and environmentally damaging conditions. Do the best you can but don't sweat these details too much if it's impossible for you to get pastured bacon (I get mine at the farmer's market).
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    Eat more food. Like double the eggs and bacon, and fry some potatoes or mushrooms in the bacon fat instead of the gluten free bread. You're hungry 3 hours later because you didn't eat enough food.

    Make everything you eat a delivery device for more fat. All the grains you've eliminated need to be replaced with more fat and protein and veggie sources of carbs. There is no reason for someone in your position to be cutting carbs and calories.
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    Interesting thread. From my reading isn't bacon/processed meats full of nitrates which are not healthy?

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