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Thread: Journal of a Weary Dragon

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    Journal of a Weary Dragon

    Hi All. In October this year I shall be 50. By then I want to look like I have never looked before - fit toned & full of confidence. This is the start of my journey.

    I started Low Carbing last March & have ended up Primal by accident really. From the start I didn't cheat as I felt that so much healthier & thought that if I slipped up once & ate grains it would ruin everything. So I became evangelical about 100% no grains & no sugar & no dairy. Anything with a hint of sugar or starch has been banned from my life. I can honestly say I have not cheated once. If I don't know the origin of something (ie does it contain even a hint of sugar or wheat) I simply won't eat it. It took a while for friends and family to get it but I learnt to keep saying no & finally they have now got it - this is how I choose to eat & nothing they say or do will change that.

    So for 9mths I religiously tracked all my macro-nutrients to ensure I was not eating more than 12g carb per day & lost 30lb but more importantly went from a UK trouser size 18/20 to a 12/14. Everyone has commented on how much weight I have lost even though on the scales the loss has not really been huge. Exercise wise I joined a gym & started the body for life program but disappointingly my LBM has stayed roughly the same.

    Then came the big stall. For 6 weeks nothing moved. Then I had to stop the gym as it cost too much & I stopped tracking my food intake. But I still ate the same. Last week two things happened. Someone mentioned my eating plan sounded primal & to check out Marks Daily Apple (I had heard or paelo but not primal before that) & I discovered that excess protein can be turned to glucose & thus stored as fat.

    So fed up with my body I started to look at MDA and have been eagerly devouring it for the past week. At first I was concerned because the emphasis is on low cardio & my ultimate goal has always been to do an ironman (even though I am hopeless at swimming & have a dodgy knee). So at first I thought that PB would not work for me. Then I read some success stories where some people had managed to be primal & still do endurance events. Finally it began to make sense & so here I am. My aims have now changed - instead of being able to complete a 10k by the end of the yer (I have now moved that goal to next year) I intend first to get the body I want by following the PBF regime. This will make me happiest & by building my core strength & fitness should enable me to up the cardio without getting injured (another secret dream of mine has been to do push-ups dips & pull ups but my upper body strength has always been hopeless - reading the PBF makes it all seem possible).

    In preparation for my new journey I weighed today for the first time in 2 months & found I had put 6lb on even though my measurements haven't changed Had been eating the same apart from the odd orange.

    My overall goals for the next 9mths are:

    1) to drop from 42.4% to 19% BF (never thought this would be possible for me 'til I found MDA)

    2) drop from 182lb to 137lb (this is supposed to be my ideal weight based on BMI but I think I may have to go 132lb to look good naked)

    NB: upon further research it seems my HSIS weight is 130lb (100 + 5lb for every inch over 5') but that seems a little low to me

    My short term goals for the next 12 weeks are:

    1) get my stress levels down - this is going to be my biggest problem as I have lots of emotional stress going on

    2) stick to the PBF program & not miss a workout

    3) lose 6% BF & 21lb

    4) eliminate dairy & chocolate (I only eat 90%) completely (as well as the odd diet coke which has crept in recently)
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