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Thread: Stir-fry and coconut milk (and other pan-fry materials)

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    Stir-fry and coconut milk (and other pan-fry materials)

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    I've begun making a lot of stir-fry lately. After having honed down on what caused some of my earlier attempts to go haywire, I started wondering what kinds of things I could cook the stir-fry in. Olive oil and soysauce have met their ends, and I've started to look at coconut products.

    Coconut water's out, since it's got a lot of sugar in it. Coconut oil isn't sold around here (I have FOUR "asian" grocers and not one has coconut flour or oil ), but I do have ample access to coconut milk.

    The question: Can one use coconut milk to coat the pan for stir-fry? If so, how does one do this without complication?

    I've noticed that the type sold in "Blue Diamond" brand containers is much more liquid than the milk sold in cans, which I believe are evaporated for later reconstitution. Should I thin the canned coconut milk with another substance?

    I found a Thai recipe, but the vegetables are stir-fried in oil or some other sauce before being simmered in coconut milk based sauce - that's the closest I've found.



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    I would start the stir fry with a fat (lard/ghee/coconut fat) and after cooking the onions/garlic/ginger/meat/spices for a little bit, add in the coconut cream and fish sauce when you add the veggies of your curry.
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