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Thread: 3 weeks suddenly HUNGRY!

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    Question 3 weeks suddenly HUNGRY!

    hi everyone,

    i moved towards paleo/primal in Nov 2012 and after the xmas holidays on jan 1 committed full on. first week or two felt great, and pretty satiated even given decent amount of exercise (crossfit type, weights, sprints, swimming and SUP - 5xweek). i'm female, 5'8" and about 152lbs, not really looking to lose much weight (if any) but more just get rid of excess belly fat. nothing drastic.

    anyway, at 3 weeks in i'm finding my 1800-2200 calories/day (about 15:20:65 protein:carb:fat) isn't really cutting it (just started using cronometer to get an idea of where i'm at as opposed to measuring and counting calories) and i am FREAKIN HUNGRY!! i eat a bit more on workout days and stay close to net 1800 on average.

    so was just wondering if anyone experienced this. do i just need to eat more? change ratios? i know my mouth/stomach wants to mangia but i know sometimes "following your gut" is exactly what NOT to do!

    anyway, any input would be appreciated!
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