Pretty much went Primal on 12/26/12 and lost 7 pounds fairly quickly, buthave spent the last 3 weeks at almost exactly the same weight (+/- 1lb). Have tried fasting (not more than 24 hours as I'm not used to that yet); extra water; following the Quick and Easy recipes; and have decreased the amount of nuts and cheese (sounds like a problem for newbies) but in the end, really? 3 weeks at the same weight? I'm at the very beginning of my weight loss journey (have a total of 35 lbs to loose) and am severly stuck. The good news is I'm not inclined to vere off the plan becuase the food is very good and I'm not craving anything and am not constantly hungry.

Any practical advice would be very welcome. My husband has lost 18 lbs and is very encouraging, but "just stick with it and it'll start to come off" is loosing its zeal. Have tried to keep my exercise consistent but will admit its my weakness as is the occasional glass of red wine.

Have searched the forum and blogs and have seen various forms of advice, but have not found whatever it is that will work for me. Can anyone relate? If so, what did you do??? Thank you in advance.