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Thread: Sleeping and Mattresses

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    If you don't want to spend the money on a non-toxic latex mattress and don't want a futon, then sleep on the floor on a mat.

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    Either the floor or a nice latex mattress. The only bad thing about the floor is I have to stay on my back. I'm mostly a back sleeper, but rolling around is impossible.

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    I spent a while sleeping on the floor, mostly on a sleeping bag or on a duvet/quilt. Then I built myself a platform and put the duvet on that. I'm a front/side sleeper so saggy mattresses are not good. I bought a foam/memory foam mattress but it would kill my back if I was reading before sleeping. The standard mattress I'm using now is okay, but when I go back to my own house I think I'll be going back to the thinner pad, or maybe as someone suggested, a memory foam mattress topper.
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    If you go with latex it will cost yes, and maybe be sweaty in the summer. Unless good ventilation.

    My friend is just like you and she slept on the floor w/ cheap foam pad for years -- but she was happily divorced and not looking for a mate.

    But I LOVE LOVE the firm and healthy option of a wool topper. You don't have to get this expensive. But if you get it from a good company they will take it back and re-crimp/re-stuff it for you when it eventually compresses over the years.

    Premium Eco-Wool Topper

    But even better than that is their all cotton mattress pad. I do not know how any of us lived on that plastic feeling mattress pads of our early years, the one you throw in the wash? But everyone I've given this to for a gift, etc. has raved it's the best part about their bed. Regardless of whats under it.

    Soaring Heart Cotton Mattress Pad

    Can you tell I'm enthused about this subject?

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    I recently got a Tempurpedic mattress with an adjustable bed frame. According to the sales guy, the adjustable frame helps with circulation as you are not laying flat on your back. My boyfriend has also stopped snoring, and I am amazed to say that I am not waking up in the middle of the night anymore, or waking up with soreness/pain. Best $2300 I've ever spent.
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    I personally find that sleeping with a wool duvet and mattress makes me sleep far better on a standard mattress. I like to track my sleep and was amazed the difference when someone suggested this to me. It worked for them and it certainly worked for me.
    When researched I found wool bedding products have been proven to help you sleep better and highly recommend this as an option to look into. The moisture retention and wicking properties of wool help you to stay at a comfortable temperature, dry with less sweating and overheating.
    I bought my last bedding set from The Wool Company in the UK.
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    I am a big fan of wool. My blanket is wool, and my bed is a Japanese style futon with wool batting.

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    Check out SleepNumber. We have an earlier version, a queen size SleepComfort, now over 18 years old and still sleeps as well as when brand new. These are upper end items with air mattress and fully adjustable firmness, to your own desire. They are very comfortable, with great support. The basic design seems to be pretty stable since our purchase, but they sell lots of "bells & whistles" that I would pass on.
    The downside is they are quite pricey, but IMO are well worth the price. If you plan on moving frequently, note that they can be deflated and the foundation disassembled in a few minutes into an easily moved bundle, and can be quickly reassembled.
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    It is amazing how many different opinions there are on beds out there. I can sleep on anything/anywhere. The only thing that wakes me up is having to pee really bad.

    One thing I have found makes any bed better is a 10 minute mobility routine before I get in bed. Simple movements that loosen the shoulders, hips, back, neck etc have made a huge difference in how I feel in the mornings. I am a stomach sleeper and at about age 34 my shoulders were killing me in the mornings and when I laid down at night. 10 mins a day took it all away in about 3 days.

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