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Thread: Splenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by piano-doctor-lady View Post
    Yes, I think stevia is as safe as a non-nutritive sweetener gets.

    On the other hand, I find that after being Primal for a few weeks, I taste sweetness in things which never tasted sweet to me before, like lettuce. I've read many posts where people went back to their previously addictive treats like ice cream, and find them unbearably sweet.

    Perhaps the desire for any sweetener will abate to where just a little something (like a bit of fruit) will be good enough?
    I completely agree with this. The red wine that my husband and I have been drinking for over a year now (it was our new fav) is now too sweet for me. I think of it like my friend who quit smoking after 30 years, she got her taste buds back and suddenly everything was "too hot" for recipes hadn't changed...she could just actually taste them now.

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    If you're T2, forget about eating chocolate. Anything with sugar is not good for diabetics. Trust me, I've been T1 for 23 years. Keep your blood sugars in the normal range and don't eat anything that's going to spike them quickly. It'll just lead to more carb cravings anyway.

    Don't use any artificial sweeteners. Especially not Splenda. That stuff is so chemically that they (appallingly) tested it on Beagle dogs before it was approved for human consumption. Use stevia and you can't go wrong.

    If I really want a treat I make a kind of low carb trifle with some blue berries, stevia and whipped cream. You could had 100% cocoa powder to the cream to make it chocolately. You could also try making an iced coffee made with whipped cream, coffee, ice, stevia and cocoa powder. Everyone likes a treat now and then.

    Eating fruit regularly is not good for diabetics. There are some foods on TPB that not everyone can enjoy.

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    I've got an excellent blog post here that explains sugars and all the artificial sweeteners that are out there: http://retrospectivecaveman.blogspot...-good-for.html
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