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Thread: Leafy green intolerance

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    Do you eat dairy? Did the probiotics have dairy in them? You may need to find a dairy kind. I have heard that it can take a while to find one that works best for you. Start small! Eat probiotics as opposed to supplementing, if possible. Given your history with antibiotics, it may take a while for gut flora issues to recover, if that's what's going on for you.

    Do you have problems with other high-fiber foods? IIRC, most leafy greens are pretty fibrous.
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    Its not the greens. Its the huge amount of cooked fats without anything solid.

    Steatorrhea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Have you tried raw FRESH lettuce without anything? and chewing it properly?
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    Hmm, I had lots of antibiotics as a child as well and I now have several food allergies/intolerances.

    Shannon, I just read today that almost all commercial probiotics tested positive for maltodextrin made from gmo corn. I have also read that people who have celiac disease and possibly gluten intolerance cannot consume maltodextrin. So that may have been the problem with the probiotics and not the homemade saurkraut. Sounds like fermented foods may be a better choice.

    Haven't read the link abouve yet but I usually don't put much fat on spinach. Off to go read that link.

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    Huh, I think that may be it. My symptoms don't fit that Wikipedia page, but still, the idea makes sense. And the discussion on MDA hits home in a few places.

    I used to think I had problems with scrambled eggs but I had no problem with eggs cooked in other forms so I started thinking it was the fat I was cooking it in. It didn't make sense though because I can eat fat with other things, but scrambled eggs aren't solid so yeah, I guess that's it.

    I wouldn't say it's a "huge" amount of fat though, but I guess it's enough that I need something solid to eat with it. I eat fat with other, more solid, foods all the time and I'm fine.

    I'm not eating leaves plain without something to make them yummy though (blech! lol!). Eh, I eat other veggies. Maybe it's not a big deal if I don't eat a lot of them.

    Primal, thanks for that tip on the probiotics. Yeah, I think I'll stick with real foods anyway. Saurkraut is easy enough to make and so are pickles. I just have to get back in the habit

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