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Thread: How do you get all of your protein?

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    How do you get all of your protein?

    Looking to get some good ideas of what everyone does to get their protein in. Snacks, meals, home made snacks...
    Im getting bored with my routine!

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    I bake a few chicken breasts over the weekend, then slice them really thin and put them in a salad. For dinner, its usually hamburgers, pork chops, or bacon and eggs. (I'm a poor college student, so my diet isn't super exciting!)

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    Dang, all the best foods are protein! One thing I can't get enough of is hamburgers. Not eating bread, makes things different, but I've come to like them just as well. I take my hamburger patty and put mayonaise and mustard on top followed by chopped onions and chopped up pickles (I use Bubbies brand, they are fermented rather than vinegared). There are then canned sardines, salmon, fried/baked fish, steak, eggs, beef jerky (try making your own!), hot dogs ( like Applegate farms- they have grass fed, nitrate free ones), cheese... nuts. Did I mention steak? Steak is awesome with some salad and fried veggies. I fry things like okra, squash (these make good chips too) cabbage, oriental mixes, eggplant etc. I just don't bread the okra, eggplant etc. To me, it makes for a very satisfying meal.

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