I've been craving meat like crazy. When I first started eating meat again, I couldn't get enough. But I've been eating meat for awhile now. These days even fish and eggs don't satisfy. I want steaks, lamb chops, beef sashimi, sausages, jerky, pork... I eat a lot (nursing a 19-month-old), but probably not all grass-fed/pastured, because my daughter and I are staying with relatives right now. My aunt does the cooking, but not nearly enough meat to satisfy me, and I don't want to ask for more. They eat mostly fish, and no beef. I'm transitioning to a new job, and end up doing a lot of meetings at breakfast/lunch buffets or korean BBQ restaurants. Bad oils are creeping back into my diet.. which is a change, as we used to only cook with coconut oil and tallow.

I'm wondering why this craving has come up rather suddenly. A deficiency, perhaps? I feel fine, otherwise. Even with eating a lot, I'm still craving more.