Hey there folks!

I'll just get straight to it, I'm Celtic dog, Am 20 years of age and from Northern Ireland although I've spent the last two years moving around the UK, My real journey however begins with my attempts to join the British Army, Everything was going good till a Medical condition prevented me from joining. Although that was a kick in the teeth it awoke my joy of exercise so last march when I moved back to Ireland I started to go to the gym, I went with a member of the Step-Family who has done body building for years but despite going 5/6 days a week from March to July I saw absolutely no progress and got sick and tried of the dull routines.

Then come October sick and tired of being "Weak" I went to my local gym and copied the power lifts I saw on the Olympics, Starting with Deadlifts and Squats, Eventually I added Overhead press's and bench pressing to the routine and immediately got addicted to lifting. Going 3 times a week for a month stright I rapidly progressed then I got a night shift job and Stopped. I returned to the gym at the start of this month and quickly got back to my old lifts. 95 Kilo Deadlift, 70 Kilo Squats, 60 kilo Benchpress and 30 kilo overhead press.

Yet despite being either above or just under my Bodyweight on the big three my body doesn't reflect my effort. I'm not a vain person, but I've had people laugh at the thought that I work out. I'm 10 and a half Stone the last time I was weighed that totals up to 66-70 Kilos, I don't know my body fat percentage but it's low enough to make out a six pack when I breathe in standing up.

Diet has always been my weakness It's not that I've always ate unhealthy, It's just I always have ate what I wanted, and am a huge fan of a Sandwich and have a sweat spot for chocolate. Am Naturally skinny infact I've only bulked up because I work out. I'm a avid reader of Nerdfitness and read how Steve eats Paleo loads of times but always thought "Meh sounds fishy".

However after reading more success storys than I care for I've decided to start this Diet, I actually started Yesterday and have already noticed a curious difference. Obviously not in appearance but I'm a muncher, I'm never full and always eating infact before if I didn't eat for so many hours my blood pressure would fall and I'd faint until I got something into me. But here's today, I had Bacon and eggs after the gym at about 12:30pm and my last meal before that was at 5:15pm the previous day, I then had Beef burgers and a -huge- portion*Cough half a bag* of Mixed Veg at 4pm and I've been stuffed the whole day I even passed up the opportunity for supper.

Hopefully this will continue but when I tell every one am on this diet their first response is I should be trying to bulk up not lose weight, So I must ask. Should I expect much Weight loss being the size I am, Or should I expect some muscle growth and toning. I'm really interested how my Weight lifting will be effected through this diet, I'll be eating alot more Protein than I normally due. But am not sure if I can even reach the Ideal amount of Calories with out eating my 2 week supply of food within a few days haha!