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Thread: Ideas for bodyweight training, without the lower body.

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    Ideas for bodyweight training, without the lower body.

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    Hallo everyone, I have been lurking around the forums for some time now, but only just now got around to making a user here, hello!

    I have recently had surgery in my shoulder and I'm not allowed to do any resistance training for the next 6 months, that involves any rotation or movement of the shoulder - I'm not even allowed to hold a barbell on my back

    So I'm looking for ideas to keep training. I'm currently doing tabata squats and lunges, still walking and looking forward to my shoulder being healthy enough for interval running. But I wanna do some more.

    Does anyone have any ideas, that could make my training a bit more interesting? I'm getting kinda tired of tabata leg workouts...

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    Use your other arm. Studies show you will actually retain some of the strength in the arm you are unable to train via neurological conditioning if you train the uninjured side.

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    What Neckhammer said - plus you could devote the next 6 months to working up to Pistol and beyond.

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    Bodyweight training is a great place to start for everyone. A beginner can start off with body weight pushups and squats and get tremendous benefits from doing so. For someone stronger they can move onto harder varieties like one arm or handstand pushups and one leg squats.

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