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Thread: Hi Everyone - My Introduction and First Post...

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    Hi Everyone - My Introduction and First Post...

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    Happy Monday everyone! I just joined the site last week, but hadn't introduced myself... So,
    I am 47 years old now. Originally from Niagara Falls, but now live and work in Kincardine, Ontario. I am normally very active - participate in running, cycling, referee ice hockey. Had ACL replacement in September, so that slowed me down a bit. Am driving my physio people crazy breaking the rules - I am their best worst patient! I just started the Primal Blueprint in late December, and am loving it. I had been doing many aspects of it for years without knowing it, but hadn't put the pieces together to do it all at once. Am reading the book now, and really enjoying it - hard to put down! I look forward to reading Marks Daily Apple everyday - not only a good read but a great start for the day. Some good OPEX for everyone else... $7.00 watershoes are not good imitations for Vibrams! LOL, and I think I was just a little off on how many nuts I should consume! Look forward to my progress..... Wishing everyone else well on their journey!

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    Hi Rod,

    Welcome to this forum and enjoy here.

    Mark holland

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