I had an odd thing happen to me. Since I was trying to gain a bit more weight and doing some weight training, I started eating 3 scrambeled eggs for breakfast instead of my regular 2.

Consistently, everytime I had 3 eggs for breakfast (whether alone, with a banana, or with some cheese), I always get a hypoglycemic episode about 2.5 hours later. Almost like clock work: Nausea, dizziness, cold sweat, the works.

Sometimes I toughed it out, sometimes I'd head for nearest banana or tsp of honey. It took me a few weeks of experimenting with my breakfast to track down the culprit simply because the idea that an extra egg might do this was odd. So I stopped the 3 eggs and went back to 2 eggs (again, either alone or with some other stuff) and away went the hypoglycemia. I now can last easily till lunch or even skip it altogether if I need to.

I curious to know whether anyone has experienced something similar. I know hypoglycemia is related to what goes on in the liver. I'm pretty small (~93lbs.) So maybe 2 eggs at a time is the limit to how much my liver can handle? I wasn't over eating or anything at breakfast, especially when I tried 3 eggs alone, I didn't even feel particularly full.

Anyway, this is making me concerned even about the 2 eggs I'm eating and if they're doing some harm I don't know about I didn't feel any particular benefit on days when I don't eat eggs at all. Any thoughts?