Hey all. I'm getting sort of irritated at how slowly my conditioning is improving, and how quickly it goes away if I take time off from working out. For me, strength comes really quickly, I put on muscle fast, and I have constant strength gains. But my conditioning is either not improving, or improving at a snail's pace. I'm constantly winded while doing most metcons. My muscles start burning really quickly when doing repetitive movement. I'm good at 1-rep maxes, or small sets of heavy weight with lots of rest; but when I have to keep moving the bar (or my body, or whatever), it all falls apart. For instance: I can jerk 110 in sets of three, but the other day, doing 7 reps of a bear complex at 55lb, I had to drop the bar after five reps. My muscles just BURN really soon into the workout and I start failing.

I took two weeks off from crossfit for the Christmas holidays (wasn't my choice, they didn't have classes), and the past two weeks back have been hard. I'm SO tired and wiped while doing the metcons. My strength has not suffered at all; I'm still lifting the same. But my ability to endure and keep going is just shot, and it improves soooooooo slowly. And I'm impatient.

So, my question: why is this? And how do I make it better? Should I throw in more tabatas? Run? Do fast sets of high reps at a light weight? I'm really happy with my strength training and where I'm at there, but really annoyed that I have to stop and suck wind every few minutes in metcons, and that my muscles burn so quickly.