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Thread: Paleo And Politics

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    Paleo And Politics

    I haven't yet found a significant reason for why paleo should affect or contribute to my political opinions.

    - Honestly, I can find many reasons for why subsidies to grains and sugar is bad, but the fact that I personally avoid them is not one. I don't care much what other people eat.

    - And the demonizing of healthy fat and cholesterol, seems to be shrinking. More and more society is noticing that there's a difference between the fat you get from chips and deep-frying, and the fat found in animals, fish, seeds, etc. And it doesn't seem to be that widespread. Most people eat steaks and stuff. So long as I have access to these foods, I'm happy. And if more people go vegan, maybe it will lower the cost of meat.

    Has paleo affected your political opinions, or your general view of humanity and societies?
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