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Thread: What food/drinks to take to the birthing center?

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    Furthermore, I've never vomited throughout any of my labours (birthed 4 children in 3 pregnancies). Every woman is unique and every delivery is unique. It's a wonderful experience.
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    I didn't vomit during labor/birth either... Lots of fluids (and bendy straws), water, coconut water, tea... I have a doula friend who has a "sip of fluid after every contraction" rule.
    Light snacks - veggies, fruit, something you enjoy and digest easily.
    Be prepared for the fact that you might be hyper-sensitive to smells during labor, and you may vomit (especially during transition).
    Also, check out some of the "crunchier" expectant mother sites, there are whole threads on this. :-)

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    It will depend on what time of day you go into labor as well. With #1 my water broke at 2pm, just after I had eaten a bunch of pizza (not primal back then). She was born at 1:30am and all I wanted afterwards was to sleep. With #2 I didn't realize I was in labor and he was born 17min after arriving at the hospital at 12:30am. All I wanted afterwards again was sleep. The next morning I started being hungry for about 6 weeks after, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louisa655 View Post
    Eating 'early' in labour could mean 36 hours BEFORE you give birth. Your body will do a natural 'flush' of everything once labour gets under way (your body will know what to do, even if your mind is a few steps behind). Bodies are wonderfully clever. Your appetite leading up to the initiation of labour will slow down substantially, and your bowels will clear themselves. The body is so clever and it will begin the 'process of cleansing' so that it only has to focus on one thing: Birthing that baby. Try not to over think this and go with the flow. I had four (all with a midwife), and my last two were twins. It's a wonderful experience and I wish you the best of luck. Trust in your body :-)
    I agree with going with the flow.

    The day before I started labor, I had a normal day of eating (it was a very abnormal day in a lot of ways, too. I taught three yoga classes rather than my usual two on that day, plus a private lesson, plus I did a lot of chores, running around and standing around waiting for things like picking up my laptop that was getting serviced, etc etc etc).

    Then, I knew that I should go to bed at 8, but Obama was just nominated, and I wanted to hear his speech. So I ended up staying up until 11 or something, which was damn foolish.

    Then, at 12/12:30, I woke up. That was the earliest contractions (no braxton hicks/etc). I couldnt' sleep through them, but I could rest, so I did. Then I woke up for real around 7/8 am and started meditating. This was a 12-hour gig, until 8. Then I had a bath until 9. Then I whined and fussed about things moving slowly (no pain, etc) and being hungry (and I went to toilet several times), and how it was all terribly annoying that I wasn't just finished by then.

    Tha's transition, apparently.

    Because by 10/10:30 I was in active labor, which lasted two hours. And then the baby popped out.

    Most of my friends can: sleep through contractions; eat whatever they want even up to active labor; spend most of the day baking cakes, playing with their kids, going for walks, or doing all kinds of fun stuff. Not me. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, and couldn't do any of the fun stuff I'd organized to do. LOL No. I had to meditate for 12 straight hours! Then whine for 1 and then scream for 2.

    Ah well. It was a good birth. Completely pain free so I can't complain.

    My one friend bakes through her labors. She says it helps her stay calm and occupies her children. They bake for the "birthday party." It's pretty cool. I am totally jealous of that.

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    Amazing range of experiences. I had my first child with a midwife and no drugs, though in a hospital. No vomiting or even nausea, no diarrhea. I don't remember being hungry. My second baby was 10 lbs. 1 oz and labor hurt a lot more. I asked for an epidural but it didn't work. I still didn't have any digestive tract issues at all. To my memory, watermelon sounds like a wonderful idea.
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