This is a collection of thoughts and reflections I've had concerning my change in lifestyle.

I don't plan on updating this daily for a few reasons:
1) Daily updating, while useful, also takes up time. I don't want to feel obligated to sit in front of my computer every day.
2) Once this lifestyle becomes second nature, I'll get bored reiterating mundane details every day.

So, what I really want to capture are thoughts, ideas, and motivation so that I can look back here on tough days to remind myself why its so important to live well. And, hopefully, others who are looking for motivation might find some here.

Probably the single most important change I've experiences thus far (two weeks in) is my mental state. Having struggled with depression for the past 9 years of my life, its always something I'm looking for ways to manage. I know that there is more to life than struggling with my own mind every day. I want to feel vibrant and alive and capable and competent, and I've felt that since switching to PB. I feel more in control of my life. I control what I eat, I control how I feel, I control my workouts, I control my own happiness! I almost can't explain what a huge change this is. I believe something in my brain chemistry has changed. Its an upward spiral! I eat better, so I feel better, so I think better, so I make better choices and the whole cycle repeats!

I can see farther into my future. I used to not want to think past a few months in advance, but now I have long term health plans! I want to bag a couple of 14ers in Colorado at some point. I'm making better choices now because I can finally imagine what my fit self looks like, so its easier to make good decisions that will let that fit person be free. I actually believe that I can do this! I can be healthy and fit and able to do all the outdoorsy things I've dreamed of doing!