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Thread: Brain Fog

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    Melatonin makes me feel awful, like I have a hangover.

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    I'm also about three weeks primal and this last week I've had terrible terrible brain fog.
    A friend suggested I may need more fat in my diet. I dismissed it at first b/c I eat plenty of eggs and cream, butter and oils.
    But when I looked over my food journals I realized that some days I was getting about 40-60 grams of fat a day, multiple days in a row.
    I upped my fat about 2 1/2 days ago and I can definitely notice a difference.
    I might have been keeping my fat too low since the beginning but it wasn't until the third week that my brain pooped out.

    Oh, I also get very very little vitamin D. I spent about 2 hours outside yesterday and I plan to start supplementing and spending more time in the sun. I think my lack of vitamin D is also playing a part in this.

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