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Thread: Cheese sauce in the Microwave? How do I do it?

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    Cheese sauce in the Microwave? How do I do it?

    I have some kerrygold dubliner cheese I want to make a creamy sauce out of to pour over zucchini and broccoli.

    I was wondering if just doing like a custard with an egg yolf, some olive oil, and coconut milk. and heating till thickened then adding the cheese would work.

    or could it just be cheese and the coconut milk? I just don't want to ruin my expensive cheese.

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    So I think i perfected this for anyone interested.

    I've been tinkering with it for about a week and came up with something i quite like.

    1 egg yolk
    1.5 tbsp(20g) coconut milk
    1/2 tbsp(7g) oil/butter, i tried it with both and also with olive and coconut oils
    1-2 ounces cheese cut into small chunks. I tried it with the kerrygold dubliner, monterrey jack, and havarti, also a mixture of dubliner and havarti.

    put yolk, milk, and oil/butter in a microwave bowl and microwave in 10-15 sec incriments stiring often until mix starts to thicken. once it is fairly thickish dump in the cheese and whisk like the dickens so the cheese doesnt clump in the bottom of the bowl in the middle(happened to e a few times). then fridge for a bit to set. it melts really well when reheated.

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    Clever! I've never been able to keep cheese sauce from separating without a little starch. I'll be trying this soon.

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