Hi there,
I'm 39 and have been following a primal way of eating for almost 9 weeks. I am working with a trainer and have been 100% compliment. I would love to hear from other women because I am somewhat frustrated that my weight loss seems to be stalled. Below is how I eat, sleep and workout. I have also included my weight loss. I would love to gear from others who have experiences weight loss to help overcome the weight not coming off.

Protein- free range eggs, grass fed beef, free range chicken, fish, seafood, pastured pork, bacon, sardines, tuna
Vegetables- all except for starchy (no potatoes, no ya s etc.)
Fat- coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, olives and fat from meat
No Dairy ( I did have liquid whipping cream on wknds with coffee but am trying to cut to see if it helps)
Nuts- I stopped nuts for almost 2 weeks now to see if it helps
Coffee- one American on Saturday and Sunday
I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack on vegetables or eggs/fish if hungry. Sometimes a tsp. of coconut oil does the trick.
I track my food using an app and see my calories average 1200 or go as high as 1500-1600

I try to get to bed by 10-10:30 and have my room as dark as possible.

TRX class - 1/week
Workout with trainer- 1/ week
Sprints with long walk- 1/ week
Sprints or rowing with weights -1/week

Weight loss
Starting weight- 231/ current 216
Weight loss:
Week 1-7.6
Week 2-2
Week 3-1.2
Week 4-2.2
Week 5-2.2
Week 6-0
Week 7-0
Week 8-2
Currently scale is showing a +2 gain

Other: I just added in Vitamin D and Magnessium daily

Would love the input of those who have experienced weight loss. The stalling is frustrating as I am eating sooooo clean. Thanks in advance for your feedback!