Do we overthink things at times once we decide to go primal? While I hate to use the ďWhat would grok doĒ thing, I do know that he would not have been checking his blood sugar daily, getting regular blood testing done, agonizing over the results, etc. And yes, I know it is because he didnít have the knowledge or ability to do so but my point is that even if he had been able to, I doubt that he would have.

I donít think he would have analyzed his bowel movements for color and constancy, gone to the local pond to look at his reflection checking for wrinkles and discoloration.

Now I fully realize that there are people on the forum that have medical problems that require monitoring and understand the need to do so. Iím talking about the rest of us that seem to overthink about this whole new primal lifestyle. We seem to want to pick it apart, put it under a microscope and find any and all flaws.

Would we not be better off to enjoy our new-found health, get out and play and not worry about the details?

For me personally, I donít sweat it. The PB way of life suits me very well. If I miss a day without a bowel movement, I donít run to the internet looking for answers. It all seems to work out in the end (pun intended).

If I have a bit of candy, like last night, so what? My new lifestyle has not come to an end; I didnít wake up this morning with an extra 10 pounds of weight and have to buy a larger pair of pants. I get over it.

I love my new primal way of living (well not new, about 3 years now) and to me a big part of going primal is the simplicity of doing so. Basic quality food, donít eat crap, get a bit of exercise and enjoy life. To me, overanalyzing what Iím doing and any changes in my body on a daily basis would take away from this pleasure.

I donít go to the doctor to get regular checkups, I donít get all the vaccinations, I donít follow CW in almost anything. As a result, Iím 57, in good health, sleep well, take no medications and Iím enjoying life. I refuse to live my life in fear and to me, overthinking the PB way of living does little more than raise doubts and questions that may not needs answers.

Or perhaps Iím overthinking the overthinkingÖ.